Every evening I write in my two journals to connect with my center and clear the clutter in my head before I go to bed. I’ve tested it out and found that I sleep better after I write in them, and thought maybe you would like to see if it helps you too.

The first journal I write in is my “Gratitude Journal” where I share special moments that happened during my day. The other journal is what I call “Daily Inspirations” where I write a couple of quotes to myself to keep my mind positive and inspired.

At the top of my page I write the date and “Gratitude”. Then I share things such as:

*Enjoyed the boys-was very present with them in the pool, their hide out, and watching movie
*Kaden said, “Who do you love more, me or you?” I said, “What’s a good answer?” He said, “both”.
*Inspired by someone who has cancer. Her positive attitude is amazing!

In by “Daily Inspirations” journal I write the date, and include positive messages to myself such as:
*All the pieces come together for me. Everything works as it should
*Opportunities are flowing. I attract the right people
*Love and blessings surround me always
*All answers lie within me…OM
~Sara Holliday MFT, CPT, HHP