After a week of being evacuated from the fires here in Poway, CA, I have learned so much about what is truly important.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily stresses of life, business, etc….but when it comes down to it there is NOTHING more important than our family.  In the week I’ve spent with my two beautiful boys, I’ve been filled with more joy and laughter than I’ve felt over the entire year!  Even though I didn’t know if our house would be standing, I wanted to keep it as stress-free as possible for my boys so we made up games.  One day we went to a mall and my 4 year old son went up and down the escalator with my husband while I helped my toddler learn how to climb up and down stairs. In the week away from our home they matured more than they do in a month.  After my husband installed a generator so we could return home yesterday, my 4 yr. old said, “Thank you so much Daddy, you made my day!  I love my family!  Let’s do a group hug.”  We both sensed my son’s security in being home and back to “normal”.

As I pass my burned neighbors homes, I’m filled with sadness.  In many areas it looks like a war zone.  Yet, everyone moves on filled with being blessed that they have their family and friends safe and together.