To Sara of Fit by Sara: “I want to lose weight but our work snack room is filled with unhealthy snacks- cookies, cupcakes, and chips that haunt me every day.  When I’m stressed I can’t stop myself from reaching for the junk.  Can you give me ideas on how to deal with the work snack room?”

From Fit by Sara: “One way to deal with the work snack room is to bring healthy snacks and request that others do too.  I’m sure a few of your co-workers have gained weight from the unhealthy snacks and would jump on board with the idea of bringing healthier foods.  If you prefer not to talk with others, you could bring your own healthy snacks.  Pack baggies of high fiber cereals such as Kashi Go Lean Crunch, peanut butter and a banana, carrot sticks, and nuts.  Since you realize that you eat junk when your stressed, instead of going to the snack room and eating, take a 5 minute break and go for a walk, stretch and or take deep breaths. These healthy behaviors will keep you on track towards your weight loss goals.” – Sara Holliday MFT, CPT