In this You Tube clip you will see Super Fast Ab workout part 3 which will tone and tighten your waist and abdominals. In addition to firming your abs in a super short period of time, if you keep your knees together you’ll firm and tone your inner thighs too. To do this workout, sit stragiht with your knees bent, and imagine you are holding a ball in your arms. Lean back until you feel your abdominals tightening. Then twist slightly towards the right and hold for 8 counts, then twist to the left and hold for 8 counts. Repeat the twist for 4 counts to each side, then 2 to each side, then alternate right and left for 8. Then hold it in the middle for 8 counts. Work up to repeating the entire set. Super fast ab clips are simple, effective and only take a few minutes. Remember, you will tone the muscle with these exercises, but how you eat will determine how defined your abs look. Stay tuned for nutrition tips and more super fast workouts. ~Sara Holliday MFT, CPT, HHP