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Sara Holliday MFT, CPT, HHP~ Motivational Fitness & Wellness Speaker

Sara Holliday will inspire and motivate your small or large group or corporation with fun and interactive presentations which will excite your audience and educate them at the same time.  She shares nutrition and communication tips, gets her audience up and moving, and or guides her group with relaxation techniques including: yoga, meditation, visualizations, and affirmations. Her group will learn how to incorporate her tips into their daily lives which will lead to an improved workplace and family life, and a healthy, balanced individual.

Here is an example of a speech Sara recently did for Genentech. “Five Tips to Manifest Your Dreams.”

Sara will create a speech to match your needs. Here is a sample of requested speeches:

  • *Get Fit, Be Productive- Employees will learn how to manage and reduce stress, for increased productivity at work. Sara shares tips about what to eat to have more energy, exercises you can do at your desk to reduce stress, and a writing exercise for better time management. 
  • *Celebrity Secrets to Flat Abs-Learn celebrity exercises, nutrition tricks, plus the mindset to lose weight fast, and keep it off permanently!
  • *Create Balance, Release Stress-Release all the tension you carry in your body and mind with yoga and breathing techniques, stress-reducing nutrition tips, and simple things you can do every day to bring more balance and happiness into your life.
  • *Create the Life of Your Dreams Through Helping Others~ Sara shares her personal journey of how she overcame challenges and turned her passion for helping others through fitness into a profitable, fun, and fulfilling business. Sara helps others become clear in their vision, through visualizations, reflective questioning, journaling, and partner interaction, so they too can live the life of their dreams.

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