My 22 mo. old came down with a cough on Fri. but was full of his usual energy.  But by Saturday afternoon he was a mess.  He was listless, breathing rapidly, and feverish.  I was really scared, so I called my uncle who’s a pediatrician.  He asked me a bunch of questions, and let me know that he wasn’t concerned about the cough or the fever because that’s the bodies natural way of fighting viruses, however he was concerned about his breathing.  He asked me if my son was breathing hard out of his nose or his chest.  I told him it was from his nose.  Since it was out of his nose, he said that likely meant he was congested versus pneumonia.  I was relieved!  I kept a close watch on him, woke up every minute he coughed, and checked on him when he was sleeping.  Thankfully he made it throught the night with little spike in fever, but he still felt awful and he slept on me all afternoon.  I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before, my client is a baby doctor and she lives right down the street!  In ten minutes she came to my house and checked him out.  She said his lunges were clear but he had the flu.  Thank God!  

Last night he was up every two hours like an infant.  The only way my husband and I could get him to sleep was to let him rest on our chests.  Tonight,  he’s feeling a lot better, he’s even played with his brother, but he’s already used to sleeping on us!  It’s been only 1/2 hour and he’s awake!  This is hard, but I’m going to let him cry a little…otherwise I’m going to be an irritable zombie!