Many of you pregnant moms have emailed me asking, “Is it ok to workout my abs when I’m pregnant?”  The answer, “Yes if you’re doing the right exercises!”  Having strong abdominals will reduce low back discomfort PLUS it will give you the strength for an easier labor PLUS it will keep your muscle tone for quicker bounce back.  If you have the ok from your doctor and have a healthy pregnancy you can do “traditional” ab crunches during your first trimester (meaning the first 12 weeks).  The “traditional” ab crunch is laying on your back, pelvis tucked under, hands behind your head, chin open- inhale then exhale lift chest tightening your abs hold 1-2 counts, repeat 15-20 reps 2-3 sets.  After 12 weeks you should avoid laying on your back, thus try this simple exercise to keep your abs firm plus you’ll strengthen and tone your shoulders!

Pregnancy Ab Work (week 1- 40 weeks)

On all fours hands right below your shoulders, knees hip width apart, bring your right knee in towards your chest.  Hold for 1-2 counts and repeat 10-15 reps.  Then switch to the other side.  Work up to 2-3 sets.