When you’re pregnant being intimate changes from trimester to trimester.  For me personally, the first trimester I was tired, but my belly was small, so if I got enough rest I felt comfortable being intimate.  Most moms to be agree that the second trimester is usually the best for intimacy.  In this trimester pregnant women typically feel good.  They no longer feel “bigger/fat”, they feel pregnant.  Plus, there are hormones that increase libido.  In the third trimester your belly typically feels big and your energy is at the lowest.  Plus it can be hard to find a position that’s comfortable for intimacy.  If you want to be intimate without having sex, let your partner know that you crave his touch and affection.  The key is to listen to your body and communicate with your partner.  The more open you are about how you are feeling and needing the more connected you will feel with your partner.