Believe me, there are days that I’m in a bad mood and have low energy on my drive to teach my “Fit Momma” Stroller Workout class in San Diego CA, but the minute I step out of my car my mind-state has changed and I’m excited to teach class.  I have trained myself to get into a positive state.  Before I get out of the car I take a few deep breaths and I say to myself, “It’s my choice and I’m happy to be here.  I will give these mommas a great workout and help them reach their goals.”  I recommend using a similar technique to get yourself in a positive mind set prior to beginning your workout.  Try this simple exercise before you workout to get the best results.  Close your eyes and take 3 deep breathes.  While your eyes are closed tell yourself something like, “I’ve made a choice to take care of myself.  I am committed to reaching my weight loss goals.”  By doing this exercise you will be more focused on your goals because you have acknowledged that you made the choice to workout!