I get so many questions about what to do about the tummy fat after having a baby.  Many women say they have rolls of “skin” or “fat”.  First determine if the rolls are fat or if they’re skin.  When you’re pregnant your belly has to stretch a lot…especially if you’re pregnant with twins and or you gained a bunch of extra weight.  This stretching of the skin can lead to excess skin which will shrink with time, but there is a possiblity that it won’t fully return to pre-pregnancy state.  If it’s body fat you wish to lose, you can get back to your pre-pregnancy body…even better!  It takes exercising consistently along with moderations in portion sizes and typically an increase in healthier food choices.  The first step is to get moving.  Something is better than nothing.  Start with 10-15 min. a day and work your way up.  Also, look in your cupboards and see what you can add (like whole wheat pastas and whole grain cereals) and subtract (cookies, and chips).