To Sara of Fit by Sara: I’ve always dreamed of having firm, toned arms like Madonna’s.  How do I go about this?”

From Sara of Fit by Sara: “More than half of the way your physique looks is due to the way  you eat.  The leaner your body is, the more you will see muscle tone and definition.  Eating “lean” isn’t hard, and it doesn’t mean that you deprive yourself.  Eating “lean” means substituting high fat foods with low fat foods, white flours with wheat flours, increasing your veggies and fruits, and decreasing sugary non-nutritional value foods.  In fact when you eat “lean” you’ll eat more often, but your portions will be smaller and healthier.  In addition to how you eat, implement weights (3-5 lbs. multiple reps work great) and incorporate sports that use your arms and shoulders.  For example tennis, volleyball, and my personal favorite- YOGA”.

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