To Sara: “I know that salads are good for me, but the salads I like are covered in high fat creamy dressings like ceasar dressing.  Do you know of a good tasting low-fat salad dressing?”

From Sara of Fit by Sara: “You’re right, salad dressing is important because some salad dressings make a meal very high in fat and calories.  My favorite dressing is both low-fat and tastes great.  I use Four Seasons Italian Seasoning Packets and mix them w/ the required oil, water, and vinegar (the container comes w/ the packet, and you can buy refills after the first use).  I choose olive oil and balsalmic vinegar for my oil and vinegar.  It really tastes delicious and is great on veggies and whole wheat pasta too.  The best part is you know exactly what is going into your dressing and you chose the amount you want to have.  Enjoy a great salad without any guilt.”

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