I had a client who was really concerned that if she didn’t workout hard she wouldn’t get results.  So if she didn’t have much time in a day she wouldn’t do anything.  Soon most days she wasn’t doing anything, and the days she did something she felt horrible during her workouts because she didn’t feel as strong or as fit.  My philosophy is this, “something is better than nothing”!  Even if all you do is walk 10 min. a day, it’s better than not doing anything.  Half of the battle is just getting out the door!  Once you’re dressed and out the door, you’ll walk your 10 min. and probably feel like doing a little more.  So the next time you’re debating whether to do anything, do something!  Get your body moving!  The more you exercise the more your body will crave it and you’ll soon adapt a consistent routine. 

Consistent exercise of any type= Increasing your calorie burn= Weight Loss

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