To Sara of Fit by Sara: “I know I should exercise to be fit and healthy for my kids, but I just can’t get motivated to start.  I have good intentions when I start my day, but can’t find the time to fit it in at work, and by evening I’m too tired.  Any suggestions for me?”

From Sara of Fit by Sara: “It’s  not easy to find time to workout, especially if you’re working and have young kids.  I suggest two things–workout in the morning first thing.  If you wait too long you’ll be tired (like you said).  If that doesn’t work, I suggest bringing your lunch and exercising on your lunch break.  Make sure to pack a duffle bag with a change of clothes and sneakers.  Have the bag in your car at all times.  And remember that you need to be healthy in order to take care of your kids and be a good role model!”

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