To Sara of Fit by Sara: “I know I need to change my diet.  I exercise consistently but I eat poorly, and thus my weight stays the same.  I love pasta, what should I eat instead? What are good diet foods?”

From Sara of Fit by Sara: “You’re right, if you’re exercising consistently and not losing excess weight it’s likely to be your diet that needs to change.  Now that doesn’t mean that I recommend dieting, it means making minor adjustments to the foods you already eat.  Since you’re a pasta lover (so am I!), you can continue to eat it, just change the portions and the type.  So chose whole wheat or whole grain angel hair pasta vs. white flour pasta.  Use tomato based sauces vs. cream sauce and chose a large portion of veggies, with a smaller portion of pasta.  For the meatballs try low-fat turkey meatballs (available in bulk and for lower prices at Costco).  The key is to continue to eat food you enjoy, just make the choices healthier by chosing whole wheat vs. white, increasing veggies and green salads w/ low-fat dressings, lean meats, lean cheeses, avacado vs. lots of mayo, tomato vs. cream sauces, etc.”

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