So, you have had a baby…what do you do now?  As a personal trainer and aerobic instructor the most common questions I get are, “When can I start exercising again?”  and “What exercises can I do that are safe?”  My advise to the first question is to get the thumbs up from your doctor prior to exercising.  Usually a doctor will give the thumbs up 4-6 weeks after having a baby vaginally or 8-10 weeks after having a C-section.  Even if you feel great shortly after delivery, your body takes time to heal from the inside.  Often times women are eager to get their body back so they start working out intensely too early.  This can result in and increase in bleeding and a longer delay to getting back to exercising.  C-sections take even longer to heal since the abdominal muscle is cut.  Once you get the go ahead from your doctor start off slowly with walking, swimming, and basic yoga.  Gradually build up the intensity.  If you were exercising througout your pregnancy you will get back your intensity quicker as well as your pre-pregnancy form.   If you did not exercise during your pregnancy get back on track now!  You will feel better about yourself, and you will be a great role model for your children.