To Sara of Fit by Sara: “What muscles do I need to strengthen in order to improve my posture?” 

From Sara of Fit by Sara: “The answer to good posture is two fold:  **First, you need to stretch your pectoralis muscle (chest), since those muscles are usually very tight and pull the shoulders forward.  I recommend that if  you get massage that you ask the therapist to work on your upper chest.  Even if you don’t get body work, you can stretch the chest muscle by clasping your hands behind your back, squeezing  your shoulder blades, while lifting your head and chest.  You could also go inside a door way.  Bend your elbow 90 degrees and place it against the wall, while lunging forward (90 degree angle at the knee) with one foot.  Alternate both sides. 
**Second, strengthen your rhomboids, and trapezius(upper back, posterior shoulder muscles).  Lunging forward with your right foot (90 degree angle w/ lunging knee), using a 3-5 lb. weight (or a canned good!) left hand toward the floor, pull your arm back while squeezing your shoulder blade at your upper back.  Do 2 sets of 10-15 reps alternating between right and left sides.  Sitting in a chair, fold over as much as possible (belly towards thighs), hands towards the floor, using a 2-5 lb. weight lift your arms up, bend your elbows, and squeezing your upper back muscles, slowly lower your arms and hands towards the floor.  Do 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps.  Just remember that good posture=a look of confidence which is very attractive. ” – Sara Holliday

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