“I just wanted to let you know that I am coming to the end of my second trimester of pregnancy and have been doing your prenatal yoga DVDs and they are SO wonderful! I LOVE them and tell every one of my pregnant friends about them! I am very particular about my work outs and sometimes skeptical of home work out videos but you have made me a believer! They have really helped with all of the stretching and changing that my body is doing. I knew my belly was going to be growing but I didn’t realize all the aches and pains that it would create and your second trimester video targets ALL of the places that have been hurting and just need a good stretch. My mind and body feel so good and so calm each time I finish one and I really feel like I got a great workout!! I just wanted to thank you; these have really helped with all of the new changes and with the worry of keeping my body in shape during pregnancy. I am determined to be a postnatal success story of yours.”  Janelle Edwards