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On today’s YouTube video, “Improve Your Digestion & Decrease Bloating“, I shared that I considered myself to have good digestion, eventhough I oftened experienced bloating and discomfort prior to getting my period. I was so bloated one time that I looked pregnant, and was actually afraid that I was! Shortly after I was introduced to a probiotic, which really helped me. Probiotics are healthy bacteria which helps restore balance to the digestive system. Shortly after taking the probiotic, I noticed that especially around my menstrual cycle, I no longer experienced bloating. In fact, I felt surprisingly good! I felt so good, that I shared the positive effects with my Mom who had struggled with digestive discomfort for many years. After a short time she too felt a positive difference and called the probiotic “magic pills”. I then introduced the probiotic to my good friend, and she too noticed a significant difference in how she felt, especially prior to getting her period. She told me, “I even was able to wear my skinny jeans!” My husband’s parents who are nearly 80 also said they felt better than they have in a long time after taking the probiotics.

The difference between the probiotics I use and the ones you’ll find over the counter is they are patented with a coating so they don’t dissolve until they arrive in your intestinal tract. Most others are dissolved by the acids in your stomach, so they never make it to your intestines.

You can find more information about the probiotic I use (and am so excited about) by clicking here: PROBIOTICSara Holliday MFT, CPT, HHP