Sara’s Fit Mamma’s class has rekindled my love and ambition for fitness and
exercising.  After having my daughter, who is now 4, it was very difficult
to make the time for myself or to motivate myself to exercise because I had
been out of the fitness groove for so long.  Then I met another mom at my
daughter’s school who trains with the Fit Mamma’s.  A few weeks later I
finally made it to Sara’s class.  I felt so energized and rejuvenated and I
could not wait to go to her next class!  Sara is very professional in the
way she instructs each person on doing the exercises correctly and to focus
on the particular group of muscles we are using.  The results I have seen
are so satisfying. In just a week even my family was commenting on the
definition in my arms and legs.  As well, my state of mind is more grounded
after each class.

Sara’s class has given me more ambition in my fitness program also.  My new
goal is to finish a duathlon that takes place in a few months.  Had I not
joined Sara’s class I would still be putting my workout off till tomorrow or
next week.

It feels great to know I can regain muscle tone and be active again.  I
recommend to all moms out there who have not been able to commit themselves
to a workout routine yet,  Sara’s routine can give you back your sense of
fitness, well being and feeling healthy.

Yours truly,

Heather Hernandez