Just as a thousand petal lotus flower represents infinite possibility, Leslie Trenary blossoms with each yoga practice. She is committed to her yoga practice and loyal to me, which is evident by the many miles she travels to practice yoga at my studio. In a short time I’ve seen Leslie grasp yoga- she has blossomed with strength, flexibility, and the ability to let go and be in the now. ~Sara Holliday MFT, CPT

1.  How old are you? 32

2. How many years have you been practicing yoga? I’ve been practicing yoga for 11 months.

3.  Before you starting practicing yoga what did you think it would be like? I thought yoga was a non-aerobic practice comprised of sitting and stretching.

4. What prompted you to try a yoga class with Sara? My dear friend, Wendy Morihiro is the reason I tried yoga with Sara. She thought I would like the energy of a yoga class that was all women. Also she thought I would enjoy practicing yoga with Sara, which I really do.


5. What made you decide to come back to more classes with Sara? Originally I came back to Sara’s class because I enjoyed carpooling with Wendy. However, soon I enjoyed the unique classes and positive energy I found in Sara’s class.  


6.  What advice do you have for others seeking a yoga instructor? I would recommend trying several different instructors until you find one that omits positive energy and wisdom which gives you a desire to practice yoga.


7. How has yoga improved your flexibility and or strength? My hamstrings and hip flexors are more flexible and my shoulders are stronger. Because of my shoulder strength, I can do several Sun Salutations without having to rest my arms. I also notice that I can’t do as much when I’ve missed practicing yoga for a while.


8. What’s your favorite yoga pose and why? I really like pigeon pose because it’s a great stretch and feels really good after working your hips. I can also relax other areas of my body while in this pose.


9. What do you like about yoga? I like that the entire practice is done on your mat and I sweat and get my heart rate up without anyone watching or judging.  You don’t need any equipment and you experience so much in your own personal space- mind, body and spirit.


10. How have you changed physically, mentally and spiritually since practicing yoga?

Even though I haven’t lost a lot of weight I’m more toned and my clothes are looser. Mentally I’m stronger and more accepting of myself. Spiritually I’m open to the array of healing and strength that thought and words have.


11. What do you say when people ask you about how you got your results? I simply say “yoga”. I wasn’t a believer until I tried it, and now I love it.


12.  How have you benefited from yoga? I have benefitted from yoga on so many levels. I feel so much better about myself and the control I have over my life. I know I can practice anywhere any time. I have more comfort in my own skin and body than before. Yoga has changed my outlook on life- I truly love yoga.