review of Sara Holliday’s Prenatal Yoga: First Trimester DVD. “I have done yoga before, but am definitely not very flexible. I can actually do these poses and feel like I’m getting a good stetch, and it’s not sooo challening that I feel totally sore the next day. I like walking and am even still running some on the days I don’t do the yoga, and it’s a great opportunity to do more stretching and toning than I would get otherwise. Sara is a great instructor and very easy to follow. Unlike another reviewer who really liked the relaxation portion at the end, I tend to fast-forward through it…but over all I’ve really enjoyed it and I’m really motivated to do it because I feel like I’m doing something good for the growing baby! It’s nice that Sara has a new video for each trimester, because I’m just beginning to get excited about trying a new one!” Emily B.