Our bodies are literally defined by the exercises that we do. That’s why swimmers typically have strong backs, cyclists have toned thighs, and gymnasts are compact with muscles all over. For many years I was a gymnast, and when I went to college, I stopped training as gymnast and began a serious weight training regimen which resulted in short, thick muscles.  I stayed away from yoga for a long time because I didn’t think it would be enough of a workout. Several years after college, I started supplementing my workouts with yoga. After trying several different yoga studios I found that certain styles of yoga offered an incredible workout. Once I started practicing yoga regularly my body began to transform from short thick muscles to the body of a typical yogini- lean, long muscles! Beyond my body, I soon realized that yoga helped to change my perception too. I was no longer focused on what my body looked like, but more of how my body helped me to get into postures and ultimately deeper spiritual growth.  I highly encourage you to try several different instructors and classes. You’ll be amazed by the changes you experience~ body, mind & spirit! ~Sara Hollliday MFT, CPT
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