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Super Fast Toned Shoulders & Arms Part 2 (Also Starring My Dog)

In Super Fast Toned Shoulders & Arms Part 2 my dog, Karma joins me while I demonstrate a challenging, yoga based workout that will tone and sculpt your shoulders and arms. This workout is similar to the first Super Fast Arms & Shoulder workout I demonstrated, however I add an additional chatarunga. In addition to… Read More

Super Fast Toned Arms & Shoulders

In this YouTube clip “Super Fast Toned Arms & Shoulders“, my cat, Mr. Chi joins me once again as I demonstrate a simple way to tone and define your arms and shoulders. Many people ask me if I lift weights to tone my arms, and you might be surprised to find that I don’t! But… Read More

Super Fast Toned Thighs & Buttocks

In this YouTube video “Super Fast Toned Thighs & Buttocks” I demonstrate a simple yoga based workout designed to firm and tone your thighs and buttocks. I begin in yogi squat- keep your spin straight, tuck your tailbone, turn your feet out slightly, and bend your knees so they are in line with your ankles…. Read More

Super Fast Abs Part 3

In this You Tube clip you will see Super Fast Ab workout part 3 which will tone and tighten your waist and abdominals. In addition to firming your abs in a super short period of time, if you keep your knees together you’ll firm and tone your inner thighs too. To do this workout, sit… Read More

Super Fast Abs, Part 2 Featuring My Cat

As I was saying in the first “Super Fast Abs”, you can work deep into the abdominals in a short period of time. In this YouTube clip my cat, “Mr. Chi” joins me as I explain that besides looking good, firm abdominals will help support your spine so you’ll be less likely to experience low… Read More

Super fast, Ab Workout

When my good friend and college roomate came to visit me for my 40th birthday she was telling me I used to do ten minutes of abdominal crunches every night…even if we went out dancing till one or two in the morning! Now as a mom of two, it seems competely ridiculous and unnecessary. In… Read More

Just Be

I have received several emails asking me why I haven’t written in my blog since February. After reading emails I realized that my writing has helped some of you, so that is enough to get me back to writing and sharing my thoughts…. at least for right now. One lesson I’d like to share with… Read More

Why Yoga Feels So Good

When you practice yoga the focus is on breathing fully which results in experiencing deep relaxation, and a feeling of well being. When you hold postures or asanas you will be guided to use the exhale to create space into tight muscles which results in lengthening and stretching of the muscle. In addition, focusing on… Read More

My Truth Is Within Me

For a few years I worked furiously at getting known as an expert in my field of fitness and wellness, because I had the erroneous belief that when I achieved recognition I would feel good inside. I spent countless hours writing articles for popular websites and magazines, and I did features on news and TV… Read More

Simple Gratitude Meditation for Love & Joy

One of the greatest lessons I continue to learn is the more I feel gratitude, the better I feel. As a yoga teacher I love sharing a gratitude meditaion with my students. Follow this simple gratitude meditation and discover how good gratitude feels. -Namaste, Sara Holliday MFT, CPT, HHP 1. Begin seated in a comfortable… Read More

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