St. Louis Post-Dispatch Reviews Sara Holliday’s Total Body Toning DVD

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Review of Total Body Toning: “She does a good job at turning toning moves into a cardiovascular workout.”  “For just 30 minutes (which includes a fast warm-up and a five-minute stretching cool-down), you pack a lot in.”  “With her cheery smile onscreen and her encouraging voice offscreen, you get a good workout… Read More

Reviewer states of Sara Holliday’s Prenatal Yoga DVD, “I will continue to use this DVD after my pregnancy is over.”

Review of Sara’s Second Trimester Prenatal Yoga DVD from Amazon.com: Great Workout!, January 15, 2007 Reviewer: CRL (Chapel Hill, NC) I really enjoy doing this 35 minute routine. Afterwards I feel stretched and relaxed, and also like I got a bit of a strength building workout. Sara is easy to follow. I will continue to… Read More

Clever Parents States: “Get Back that Pre-Pregnancy Shape with Fit by Sara”

Review of Sara’s Stroller Workout for Moms by Cleverparents.com states: “Are you looking for a little fitness inspiration?  We suggest you upload the Fit by Sara Stroller Workout for Moms to you iPod and get outside!”

About.com states Sara Holliday’s Total Body Toning is a “Great Choice for Women Who Want to Get in Shape After Having a Baby”

About.com review of Sara Holliday’s Total Body Toning states “This is a great choice for women who want to get into shape after having a baby. The workout is short, but manages to target everything from cardio endurance to upper and lower body strength. The fact that it requires no equipment and stays low-impact will appeal… Read More

“If you’re looking to stay fit during your pregnancy, I highly recommend trying this workout.”

Fantastic prenatal yoga routine, January 5, 2007 Reviewer: C.L.M. (ID United States) from Amazon.com of Sara Holliday’s Prenatal Yoga Second Trimester DVD– “I began practicing yoga several months before the conception of my first child and have been a faithful yoga follower ever since. I was disappointed during my first pregnancy when I switched from… Read More

“Postnatal Total Body Toning Workout DVD is like having your own personal trainer and therapist come into your home every day to tend to the needs of mommy”

Mom Gadget’s review states “Having the Postnatal Total body Toning Workout DVD is like having your own personal trainer and therapist come into your home every day to tend to the needs of mommy for a half an hour.  I may not be postnatal- well, I am- by 13 years, but I find this workout… Read More

Summer says of Sara’s Total Body Toning Workout, “In a half hour, I can work all areas of my body, get my heart pmping and feel great”

Quick and Fun Total Body Workout, January 4, 2007 Review of Sara Holliday’s Total Body Toning. Exert from Amazon.com: Summer Frost – “I love this workout because it is fast-paced but easy to follow. Sometimes I don’t have a full hour to dedicate to exercising. In a half hour, I can work all areas of… Read More

Leslie says she loves Sara’s Total Body Toning DVD

Great Quick Workout Total Body Toning DVD, December 27, 2006 Reviewer: Leslie A. Reynolds (San Diego, CA) Reviewed on Amazon.com- I love this workout because it is quick and I was able to do it with my son playing in the room. It is a great workout for a rainy day. Even though it is quick… Read More

Summer Says She noticed Results from Sara’s Workouts in Just a Few Weeks

“Sara’s workouts have helped me to lose weight and feel great. I lost 15 pounds and am stronger and have more endurance than ever before. I noticed results within a few weeks. Thank you Sara!” Summer Frost 

Kristen says Sara’s Yoga Program Helped Her Stay Fit and Active During Both of Her Pregnancies

“With both my pregnancies I have done yoga with Sara. I can not say enough about how it has improved and helped the physical strain on my body as well as my mental outlook about being pregnant. Sara’s yoga program has helped me see how I can by physically fit and active, and still care… Read More

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