Mama Cheaps Loves Total Body Toning and Stroller Workout DVD’s!

Review of Sara Holliday’s Postnatal Total Body Toning: “WOW! This video really packs a lot into 30 minutes! It is a fast paced mix of cardio and kickboxing moves, rounded out with yoga and stretching. I loved this workout!! It made me sweat, got my heartrate up, and I could really feel it in my… Read More

Prenatal Yoga DVD’s Helped With Challenging Labor

Sara, “I just wanted to say thanks for your videos. She was posterior and I remembered in your video the exercise you did to turn Kaden. She didn’t turn, but it was nice to do the yoga to get ready for the birth. I had back labor that’s why it took so long and was… Read More

Victoria says, “I SWEAR it has to be your class that made this pregnancy so different from the other two”

“I SWEAR that it has to be your class that has made this pregnancy so different from the other two. I gained only 20 pounds (which is only a little less than the other two…25 lbs with Lexi and 28 with Russell) but I could totally tell a difference in the way my body looked…. Read More

“I love this DVD” says Whitedimond of Sara’s Prenatal Yoga DVD

Short and Effective, Amazon review of Sara Holliday’s Prenatal Yoga DVD May 8, 2007 By Whitedimond (Germfask, Michigan United States) – I love this DVD because I can do it in the morning before work. It’s short enough and easy enough to do at 5:30 AM. I would not advise doing this DVD while pregnant… Read More

Janelle states about Sara’s Prenatal Yoga DVD’s “I LOVE them and tell every one of my pregnant friends about them!”

“I just wanted to let you know that I am coming to the end of my second trimester of pregnancy and have been doing your prenatal yoga DVDs and they are SO wonderful! I LOVE them and tell every one of my pregnant friends about them! I am very particular about my work outs and… Read More

Heather says, “In just on week even my family was commenting on the definition in my arms and legs”

Sara’s Fit Mamma’s class has rekindled my love and ambition for fitness and exercising.  After having my daughter, who is now 4, it was very difficult to make the time for myself or to motivate myself to exercise because I had been out of the fitness groove for so long.  Then I met another mom… Read More

Sara Z. says, “I just tried your 2nd trimester yoga video and it made me feel so much better…like an athlet again!”

Hi Sara–I just found you when I was going insane and had to order some yoga videos to keep me from banging my head against a wall…:) See, I just finished Ironman Wisconsin in September 2006, and have been used to training and racing for 5 years. I am pregnant with my first child, and… Read More

Pregnancy & Newborn Reviews Sara’s Postnatal Total Body Toning Workout!

Pregnancy & Newborn Review: “Sara Holliday’s Postnatal Total Body Toning Workout is a great way to work yourself back into shape after having a baby. It works you from head-to-toe without overdoing it since it’s designed for new moms. There’s no equipment necessary and most importantly, the workout is only thirty minutes.”

Sara’s Total Body Toning Workout DVD, “The workout is only 30 minutes long- perfect for new moms”

The Opinionated Parent Reviews Sara Holliday’s Total Body Toning DVD.  Reviewer states, “It’s full of effective exercises and she targets areas which are often problems for new mothers, such as the abs, butt, thights and upper arms”.

Emily says about Sara’s Prenatal Yoga DVD, “I feel like I’m doing something good for the growing baby!”

Amazon.com review of Sara Holliday’s Prenatal Yoga: First Trimester DVD. “I have done yoga before, but am definitely not very flexible. I can actually do these poses and feel like I’m getting a good stetch, and it’s not sooo challening that I feel totally sore the next day. I like walking and am even still… Read More

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