I Am…

I’ve received many special gifts over the years from my students, and yesterday I received a particularly special one. The gift she gave me was a tiny pendant that says, “I am”. When we come to prayer position at our heart center, I often remind my students (and myself) to focus on the feeling they… Read More

Finding My Center

Every evening I write in my two journals to connect with my center and clear the clutter in my head before I go to bed. I’ve tested it out and found that I sleep better after I write in them, and thought maybe you would like to see if it helps you too. The first… Read More

My Dog Teaches Me How to Be Present

When I take my dog for a walk, I’m absorbed in all of my “to do’s” when suddenly, my dog, Karma tugs on the leash. As I’m awakened from my trance, I see that Karma is absorbed in every scent and sound, oozing with pure joy. It is in these moments that I feel and… Read More

5 Simple Steps to Calm Your Anxious Mind

If you’re human and over the age of twenty, then it’s likely that you have an abundance of “to do lists”. To-do lists result in crowding your mind with thought leaving your shoulders, back, and head tied up in knots. When your mind is engulfed with thought, it makes it challenging to enjoy the special… Read More

Super Simple Weight Loss Tip, Part 2

In this You Tube video, “Super Simple Weight Loss Tip, Part 2” I share a weight loss tip that’s so simple you won’t even believe it! I talk about the importance of keeping our bodies hydrated so we don’t mistake thirst for hunger. Many of clients followed this simple tip and were amazed at how… Read More

Super Simple Weight Loss Tip~ Healthy Snacks

In this You Tube Video, Super Simple Weight Loss Tip, I share how healthy snacks can help keep your metabolism going and reduce cravings so you will lose weight. Often when we are busy working or on the go, we forget to eat and this can lead to over-eating at lunch or dinner. If you… Read More

Improve Your Digestion & Decrease Bloating

On today’s YouTube video, “Improve Your Digestion & Decrease Bloating“, I shared that I considered myself to have good digestion, eventhough I oftened experienced bloating and discomfort prior to getting my period. I was so bloated one time that I looked pregnant, and was actually afraid that I was! Shortly after I was introduced to… Read More

Super Fast Toned Shoulders & Arms Part 2 (Also Starring My Dog)

In Super Fast Toned Shoulders & Arms Part 2 my dog, Karma joins me while I demonstrate a challenging, yoga based workout that will tone and sculpt your shoulders and arms. This workout is similar to the first Super Fast Arms & Shoulder workout I demonstrated, however I add an additional chatarunga. In addition to… Read More

Super Fast Toned Arms & Shoulders

In this YouTube clip “Super Fast Toned Arms & Shoulders“, my cat, Mr. Chi joins me once again as I demonstrate a simple way to tone and define your arms and shoulders. Many people ask me if I lift weights to tone my arms, and you might be surprised to find that I don’t! But… Read More

Super Fast Toned Thighs & Buttocks

In this YouTube video “Super Fast Toned Thighs & Buttocks” I demonstrate a simple yoga based workout designed to firm and tone your thighs and buttocks. I begin in yogi squat- keep your spin straight, tuck your tailbone, turn your feet out slightly, and bend your knees so they are in line with your ankles…. Read More

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